Engineering Psychology Definition and Introduction

Engineering Psychology

Define what is Engineering Psychology?

Engineering psychology is the psychology that deals with the human beings and his ability to work with or to design systems and operations. It aims at building a user friendly relationship between the machines and human beings.

Engineering psychology originated during the First World War. The main reason for this subject to initiate was the failure of a large number of arms and ammunition that were used during the First World War. The reason for this failure was looked for and it was discovered that these failures were mainly due to human errors. Thus engineering psychology was developed which taught the people how to be comfortable with the machines and work with them effectively producing efficient results.

Engineering psychology helps the people to adapt themselves to the machines effectively reducing the chances of error. The engineering psychologists who are trained professionals in this subject have the ability to combine the machines with human beings who have the capabilities to handle them. Not only human capabilities, they also keep a check on the equipment’s that are being used by a person. They also match the capable equipment that can be used for a particular job.

Engineering psychology is very important as it helps in creating a user friendly and an adaptable environment. It contributes immensely in every field be it medical, industries, factories etc. An example of engineering psychology is the use of cell phones while driving. The research says that the use of cell phones while driving leads to a lesser reaction time. This helped to create many rules and regulations to avoid the use of cell phones while driving to regulate the traffic and control the rate of accidents that take place.

Many people are now a day’s pursuing engineering psychology as their career also. The course teaches the various measurements or the various techniques that are required to adapt to the equipments and the surroundings and how to enhance the capabilities of a human being. Engineering psychologists deal with real world problems and also serve for the people by helping them avoid the chances of any mishappenings.

It is because of these engineering psychologists that we are able to use gadgets and devices that are reliable and easy to use. Some of the most common examples that we use in our day to day lives are cell phones and vehicles.

Work done by a engineering psychologist:-

  • Analyze people
  • Understand technology
  • Understand people’s capabilities
  • Understand the workplace
  • Work on avoiding any accidents in the workplace
  • Collecting feedback from users on any equipment
  • Conduct surveys and then keeping the requirements in mind design the products.
  • Create safe, reliable and easy to use products.

These are some of the compulsory requirements that must be proficient by any engineering psychologist.

Engineering psychology is now being practiced in a large area like the universities, hospitals, military etc. and plays a very important role in the manufacture of any new product.

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