Criminal Psychology Careers

Criminal Psychology Careers
Criminal Psychology Careers

These are violent times. Men have turned into beasts, and murder and rapes have become the order of the day. The philosophers say that the gods have become angry and they will destroy humankind. But the practical mind calls for immediate measures to be taken, so that the world may become a better and safer place to live in, in the future. Creating new strict laws may be only one way to do this. The other and more scientific way is to study the nature and mental status of the criminals by delving deep into their minds and psychology, so that their actual story may come out – the story of what actually motivates them to commit such crimes. This is primarily the job of Criminal Psychologists who understand the psychology of the criminals in order to either stop them or catch them.

Work in General:

The career mostly demands the studying of the several aspects of psychology so that they can be applied in solving crimes and assisting the judicial system of the nation. Criminal psychologists are required mostly when it is important to decide whether the criminal is insane or not. Thus, they have a huge role in deciding the kind of punishments or treatments the criminals should be subjected to by the court. Most criminal psychologists are also required to serve as witnesses in criminal cases so that their judgments and knowledge can help the judges. Many work as criminal profilers. Others work for attorneys in order to select juries. One can work independently as well. There are, in fact several ways to utilize the degree once earned. However, the most popular employment option for a criminal psychologist is at the justice department.

Education Required

Extensive knowledge is required in order to become a successful criminal psychologist. One has to understand and know all aspects of both psychology and law, in order to read the minds of the criminals accurately and apply their knowledge in the practical cases. Most often than not, a criminal’s life depends on the judgments of the criminal psychologists. And often, it has happened that an innocent person has been saved from being wrongfully punished by the law enforcement officers.

There are several institutions which offer competitive courses on the subject. However, there are also other ways to become involved in this career. The most common way is to obtain a Bachelors degree in Psychology from any accredited institution. This is the basic starting point. You can go on to obtain a Masters degree or even a doctorate, based on the kind of career you want to be a part of. Most jobs require a Masters degree, while several ask for a doctorate on the subject. In all cases, in order to become a specialist on the subject, several years of grueling study is required. Degrees can only provide you with a basic platform to begin your journey with.

After degrees, what is necessary is to obtain a valid license from the authorities. Otherwise, no one is allowed to practice. The certification program in most countries requires 1 year to be spent in field study. This profession requires a lot of time and commitment. If you think experiencing excitements, handling stress, thinking critically and writing detailed reports are something you should do for a living, then this is the perfect career for you!

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