Baby Psychology Definition and Introduction

Baby Psychology

Define what is Baby Psychology?

Baby Psychology is growing concern of the educationist and also for all responsible parents. It is often that how a man behaves is dependent on his childhood. It is often seen that an adult grows up to be a sadist as he was a neglected child and his parents never cared for them. The hatred towards others culminates in some disastrous results that could have been avoided if proper care was taken about his psychology. It is quite often that we use the term psychology. Now what is it that we are referring to? It is frequently said that psychology is the sum of the two terms ‘ology’ and ‘psyche’. ‘Ology’ refers to the study of a stream. ‘Psyche’ means mind or soul. It is the study of the mind and brain. The psychologist is always probing reasons of behaviour of individuals. It is how an individual will react to a particular situation and what could be the reason for such behaviour.

Childhood experiences do have bearing on the way an individual grows up to be a man and hence the importance of Baby Psychology. Psychologists have concluded that a man will unknowingly develop habits that they had experienced in their childhood. It is referred to as being a science. However, one must understand that it depends on the quality of the data. Perhaps it is now in a nascent state. One has to understand that analyzing the mind is not so simple. It will be noticed given the same condition, two cases may not have the same consequence. Hence, one has to be very careful in how to analyse a particular case.

It is often said that the behaviour of a child can help in forecasting what type of a man he will be when he grows up. If we take care of Baby Psychology of a population, we can have a population of adults who will grow up to be of a good quality in comparison to a population that has been neglected as regards to it. Psychologists have ascertained that a man’s behaviour has a bearing from the way he was treated in his early years. They are convinced that the whole process from the time a mother conceives a child and is delivered and further one year is very critical to how will a man behave in the rest of his life. Taking care is absolutely essential.

On conceiving the mother and the baby to be delivered is one organism. The behaviour of the mother has a bearing on the off spring. We know that the third and seventh month is very critical for the survival of the foetus. It should not be exposed to fear, alcohol, strong medicine, stressful condition, etc. It has been proved that any wrong will almost jeopardise the future of the foetus. It is therefore of paramount importance that it is just not the foetus but the mother should not be exposed to it. During the sixth week sex determination of the foetus takes place and therefore if the mother worries too much on this, it will have its negative reflections on the foetus and thus the future of a man. The delivery of the child and one year thereafter is of prime importance. Baby Psychology is therefore of an essential study for the future of a nation.

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