Career in Organizational Psychology Fields

Career in Organizational Psychology Fields

Career in Organizational psychology field

In today’s professional world, mental stress is one of main problems for employees. Many MNCs are now hiring psychologists in order to overcome this problem. These organization oriented psychologists apply their psychological knowledge and experience. They help a big organization to bring out the best performance from their employees and it is seen that these psychologists are improving employees’ own job satisfaction. This is very important for anybody to give his best in his work place.   In order to enhance the workplace productivity of a particular organization, an employee’s working attitude towards his job is a key factor.

Required degree for an Occupational psychologist

Around the world, a lots of universities offer bachelor’s degrees and master’s degree in organizational psychology. The growing demand in this field allows the universities to offer higher degrees to their students. Human resources department is one of the main work places, for the Students with a bachelor’s degree.Although they can build their career in other fields, but, the one who targets a higher positioned job, he should continue his education at least till the master’s level.

A student with master degree in this subject can get a job in consulting, human resources, and positions in the private or government sector.

Required skills for being an Organizational psychologist:

One who wants to be an organizational psychologist, he/she have to be a master on these following fields.

  • Personality psychology
  • Social psychology
  • Experimental psychology

Working opportunities for an Organizational psychologist:

They may work in a consultancy role or in-house as an employee of an organization. Organization psychologists may work in collaboration with, and/or any organization’s human resources department and management. Even they can build their career as psychology trainers, career specialists, and business guide and management consultants. Organizational psychologists can work even independently.

Why big MNCs need psychologists:

The MNCs are hiring a lot of psychologists in their workplace. The reasons why these organizations are in need of these professional organizational psychologists are states below:

1) Organizational development: In order to bring out the best outputs and effectiveness from the workplace programs a psychologist scrutinize the data, analyze it and relates it to the previous record, conduct various researches on real life work environments, industrial structures, morale, communication systems, relief space of each employee, group interactions and motivation.

2) Employee assessment: make research on employees’ mental status, whether they are well suited in the company or not.

3) Placement: Study job requirements and launch or modifying the criteria for the recruitment, training, and placement procedure. They have to develop an interview pattern. They may interview techniques, and psychological tests of the candidates in order to judge their technical or professional skills and interests.

4) Training: A professional organizational psychologist may detect proper training and development technique that is needed to their employees.

5) Market research:They may study the consumers’ reaction after delivering the products into the market. Psychologists can analyze market demand in order to enhance organization’s productivity and to satisfy its consumers.

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