What is psychology ?

By the formal definition of psychology it is said to be the scientific study of human brain (informally mind) and the functioning of it and note is where about affecting behavior in a given context. It is the mental attribute and features of an individual or a given group of individuals. Academically it can be noted as a discipline of study. Psychology aims at immediately comprehending individuals and group of individuals by both constructing general rules and research on specific areas and finally resulting in helping the society as a whole. Psychological expertise and knowledge is frequently applied to the treatment of mental health problems and it is also administered towards comprehending and resolving dilemmas in wide variety of areas of human action.

In this area the executive researcher involved is known as a psychologist and can be categorized as social, behavioral, or perceptive personnel. Psychologists aim at comprehending the functioning of mental status of individual and their behavior as a social being, while also inventing the physiological and neurobiological processes that lie beneath the certain perceptive functions and behaviors. Psychologists re invent areas such as comprehension, perception, sentiment, consciousness, phenomenology, spur, brain functioning, personality, behavior, and interpersonal relationships.

what is psychology

Psychologists study, analyze & assess the behavior of the individual people or groups. Their main aim is on the human mind and the physiology & processes concerned with the human brain. Duties and responsibilities of a psychologist contain contributing to research & analysis, meeting and interacting with patients, couples their families or groups (if required) to discuss their problems in a more systematic and disciplined way and helping and advising them in resolving mental health issues as and when necessary. Ethical limitations must be followed at all times, including patient confidentiality and maintaining professional distance which provides a sense of security to them and they feel free to express their problems and feelings without hesitation.

When we talk about psychology most importantly we need to discuss its classifications or the Psychological typologies. Psychological typologies are distinctions used by psychologists to define the differences between people. There can be huge variety of it. But the most important amongst all is the cognitive psychology.

Cognitive psychology is the area of psychology that studies mental processes including problem solving techniques, conception, power of memorizing certain things and the ability to learn and accept things. As part of the wide range of cognitive science, this area of psychology can be related to other disciplines including neuroscience, philosophy, and linguistics. According to the expertise involved in this field human brain can be broadly classified into two types: the covert one and the overt one. The covert brain is one which is secretive, furtive, clandestine, stealthy etc. these kind of people are not very much out spoken. They like to keep things within themselves. Whereas the overt people on the other hand are just the opposite. They are undisguised, plain, clear, and apparent. They are out spoken like to share their thoughts feelings etc.

Cognitive psychology concentrates on cognition that is perception about the mental processes underlying mental activity. awareness, logical reasoning, pondering ability, problem resolving power, memorizing power ability to learn and accept things ,spoken language, and emotional sentiments are the fields of its research. Classical cognitive psychology is concerned with a branch of thought known as “cognitivism”, whose followers assert for a piece of information processing model of the functioning of a human mind, aided by functionalism and experimental psychology. On a broader stage, cognitive science is an interdisciplinary organization of perceptive psychologists, perceptive neuroscientists, personnel involved in research in artificial intelligence (AI), semantics, the interaction between the human brain and the computer, logistics and social scientists.

Not only in the field of study or medicine psychology can prove to as good as a career as well. Careers in psychology are diversified and many depending up on the knowledge and degree acquired in this field, with many varied specialty areas to work in. one can also be aware about wages, working conditions, career paths and career options at different degree levels under this discipline. There is a huge amount of diversification, and many economically struggling students have whirled their interest toward some of the highest paying careers which includes psychology as well. There lies a variety of job here but one must be compatible with the salary offered, the type of job and the geographical location of the enterprise where he or she needs to work. There are chances of promotions and increments depending up on the educational background, and years of experience acquired.

They can work in either of the researching, medical and clinical or diagnostically fields. The most popular field of specialization in this area is clinical psychology which may offer an average salary of 70650 us dollars. Others fields may include counseling, social, forensic, research, educational and industrial psychology. This field of science is very delicate as it handles the mental and emotional state of a person. So being a psychologist is not an easy job. The most exciting job as it looks would be as that of a forensic psychologist. A forensic psychologist tends to apply psychology to the branch of criminal investigation and law. This has widely become one of the most wanted psychology career being shown in popular movies, television programs and books. While the field may not be as glamorous as it is pictured in the media, forensic psychology is still an exciting career choice with a lot of potential for growth depending up on the interest and experience of the personnel involved. Forensic psychologists often work with other experts to solve child custody disputes, analyze insurance claims, perform child custody assessment and investigate suspected child abuse.