Best Psychology Schools in Chicago

Psychology Schools in Chicago

Best Psychology Schools in Chicago

There are many great schools in psychology which offers a quality and best program for their students and where one can earn a graduate psychology degree. These schools offer a numerous psychology programs and degrees and have incredible flexibility for both traditional and non traditional students, campus programs through online and many others.

Alder School of Psychology:

The Schools name came after Alfred Adler, who is the first community psychologist and the theories and teaching methods followed by him in the psychology emphasize the exceptionality of every individual’s connection and relationship with society. Adler School is dedicated to regular the work of Alfred Adler by producing communally responsible graduates, by providing holistic forces to those individuals and communities, and by following social justice.

This school has two campuses, one in Chicago and other in the Vancouver. There is no campus housing. This school offers only graduate degrees and GRE is not at all required for admission. Students transferring credits can credit up to 12 hours for the masters programs and up to 24 credit hours for the Psy.D programs.

Alliant International University:

This is the great university which prides itself with the diverse students in their university. They have students almost from all the states in the United States and also have some international students around 407 and they are from different countries like Greece, Turkey, and Cameroon etc. previously the institute was called as California School of Psychology and the name was changed as ALLiant University in 2000.

The University have number of campuses and in which six campuses are in California and there are also campuses in Hong Kong, Mexico, Tokyo and Singapore. But the availability of degrees differs in each campus, so it is a must to know before you choose the specific campus. There are online degrees and classes are available for many degrees. The GRE is a must for admission and they offer all types of degrees like undergraduate, Post Graduate and doctor degrees.

Argosy University:

The Argosy University begins after the combination of three schools and these three schools offers education in three distinct areas. This University offers programs in four different areas like education, health sciences, business and psychology.

This University has more than ten numbers of campuses situated in different areas and offers Undergraduate, Post graduate and other doctorate degree in Psychology. Here in this university the GRE is not a must for admission in this university.

Walden University:

This university was founded in the year 1970 and was found with a mission of giving the education without leaving the work force and thus providing a distance education program for the students opting for higher education. Thus the mode of education offered by this university may be through online, off line or even through mobile access by downloading the course materials and thus gives education to those who are busy with their work. This University is usually called as Online University. This University also offers Graduate, Master’s and Doctorate degrees. Here there is No GRE is required for the admission.

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