Criminal Psychology jobs

Criminal Psychology Jobs

Criminal Psychology jobs:

What are the main motivations behind a crime? By doing several researches on criminal cases a professional criminal psychologist tries to find out the answers. A criminal psychologist should be an expert in both law and human psychology. A psychologist has to work closely with judges and other legal professionals to scrutinize the psychological view or motivation of accused persons. Recently a change is being seen in the criminal psychology career. Lots of young boys and girls are choosing this as their career. Thanks to a number of popular criminal thrillers such as Criminal Minds, Matrix that portray the mental status of criminals.

History of this profession:

During the World War II, this profession started in America and Germany.

Profession’s lay-out:

For investigation and doing research on a particular crime field, these psychologists are often hired to analyze the criminals’ motive of crime, his accurate mental status. Here he/she has to do few psychological assessments. In the western part of the globe, they may have to predict the risk of repetition of the crime, when prisoners come outside for parole or bail. Criminal psychologists are becoming an important part of the law and order. In the modern countries, they assist the judge, and they provide accurate punishment and treatment recommendations for a particular criminal by examining the future likelihood of a crime. They are often hired in the criminal custody to give mental support to the prisoners or to motivate them for being a rectified human being.

Degree required for being a criminal/criminal psychologist:

Criminal psychology is the study of thoughts and behaviors of the criminals. PhD or Psy.D in psychology is very much needed. Psy.D is very practical oriented while Phd is more research and theory oriented. There are many institutions which are offering this criminal psychology course to their students. They will give lessons in both psychology and law for betterment of the law. Typically a doctoral degree takes 5 to 7 years of study to complete the whole syllabi. This course is very demanding, so an admission into doctoral programs is very competitive.

In this field, getting experienced is highly needed to read the mental status of a criminal prominently. After completing the education, these experiences are needed. Along with this, getting trained under a renowned professional is also essential. These training’s and experiences will help you to get the law board certificate easily.

Pros and Cons of this career:

Advantages in Criminal Psychology

  1. A criminal psychologist gets an opportunity to serve the law and the nation.
  2. A criminal psychologist gets to experience the proper excitements and adventures.
  3. A criminal psychologist has an opportunity to meet various kinds of people around the globe.

Disadvantages in Criminal Psychology

  1. It requires a study of a long period of time of about 5-7 years.
  2. Pay package is usually low if compared to other occupations.
  3. Tension, stress and frustrations are some of the usual vices that are seen to grow in these psychologists.
  4. This profession is not as cool as the television depicts.

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