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Ecological Psychology Definition and Introduction

Define what is Ecological Psychology? Ecological psychology was found by J.J. Gibson, who highly developed the theory of direct perception.  The ecological psychology is also known as the environmental psychology or eco psychology. Eco psychologists consider that the damage humans do to themselves and to environment stems from a religious and psychological separation from nature. Ecological psychology is a challenge… Read More »

Baby Psychology Definition and Introduction

Define what is Baby Psychology? Baby Psychology is growing concern of the educationist and also for all responsible parents. It is often that how a man behaves is dependent on his childhood. It is often seen that an adult grows up to be a sadist as he was a neglected child and his parents never cared for them.… Read More »

Defence Mechanisms Psychology

Defence Mechanisms Psychology The defence mechanism was found after the psychoanalytic therapy made by the Sigmund Freud. The defence mechanism is the process that happens after the id, ego and super ego. It may result in the healthy or unhealthy consequences. This is the mechanism that is happened to defend against the feelings of anxiety produced by the… Read More »

Accomodation Psychology Definition and Introduction

Define what is Accomodation Psychology? Our mind is filled with ideas of various sorts. Now for example, we had to first see a flower to know what it exactly looks like, we later learn how to distinguish it from the various species, but until then we would all resemble the term flower to the one we had originally… Read More »

Animal Psychology Definition and Introduction

Define what is Animal Psychology ? It is often said that man is the most intelligent being on this earth. It has the unique quality of observance and finding out reasons as to the reason for certain things taking place. It is a natural quality of human beings to justify a certain thing and why it happens. He… Read More »