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Gestalt Psychology Definition and Introduction

Define what is Gestalt psychology? Gestalt psychology is the thought that studies human behaviour and mind as one complete formation. It was founded during the 20th century and explained the concept for the contemporary study of perception. Max Wertheimer originated his work in this area. Gestalt psychology also took shape to some extent as an answer to Wilhelm… Read More »

Clinical Psychology Definition and Introduction

Defination of Clinical Psychology: The branch of psychology which specializes in assessing, diagnosing, treating and preventing mental disorders in human is known as Clinical Psychology. It studies the emotional and behavioral disorders among the young and adults. The individuals dealing with this subject are clinical psychologists. These people usually do not prescribe any medicines to their patients and… Read More »

Environmental Psychology Definition and Introduction

Define what is Environmental psychology ? Environmental psychology is a field of psychology that is involved with the human beings and the surroundings. In environment psychology the environment is broadly classified into many parts dealing with normal environment, the structures around us i.e. built environment and also learning or information environment. The environment psychology deals with the measures… Read More »

Engineering Psychology Definition and Introduction

Define what is Engineering Psychology? Engineering psychology is the psychology that deals with the human beings and his ability to work with or to design systems and operations. It aims at building a user friendly relationship between the machines and human beings. Engineering psychology originated during the First World War. The main reason for this subject to initiate… Read More »

Energy Psychology Definition and Introduction

Define what is Energy psychology? Energy psychology is basically the psychology that deals with the various activities like emotions, health, the behavior of a person etc. in other words energy psychology deals with that part of the body that deals with the electrical activity. The roots of energy psychology is obtained from Chinese medicine. The activities like emotions,… Read More »

Ego Psychology Definition and Introduction

Define what is Ego Psychology? The ego psychology is the study based on the id- ego- superego model of the mind. This study is developed by Sigmund’s Freud and according to him; the ego is nothing but the part of the personality which mediates the demands of the id, ego and super ego. The ego operates in both… Read More »