Energy Psychology Definition and Introduction

Energy Psychology

Define what is Energy psychology?

Energy psychology is basically the psychology that deals with the various activities like emotions, health, the behavior of a person etc. in other words energy psychology deals with that part of the body that deals with the electrical activity. The roots of energy psychology is obtained from Chinese medicine. The activities like emotions, behavior may be seen as activities that are caused due to the environment and he situations around us however these activities always involve a type of energy known as bio energy to take place.

We all have a mindset that the emotions and behavior can only be controlled by an individual however with the help of various counseling these activities can also be controlled by someone having knowledge about it. Energy psychology basically involves the process of assessment and then cure of these activities. They may be certain parts of the body that are no more functioning or have become numb. With the help of energy psychology these parts of the body can also be brought back to function properly.

It is proven and true that are body has enough energy within itself to heal any problem, however to utilize this energy it is necessary to channelize this energy positively and in an suitable behavior. Some of the techniques used to channelize this energy are yoga, meditation, acupressure etc.

They are various techniques for using bio energy for the benefit of our body. These techniques or therapies are not very difficult to follow and can also be performed by children. Energy psychology helps in establishing a stable relationship between the mind and the body and achieves noticeable transformations in the emotions and behavior of a person. Some of the problems that can be treated by using energy psychology are:-

  • Addictions like smoking, drinking.
  • Fear of things or in other words various phobias
  • Anxiety and depression

These problems can be identified and healed by the experts using the process of energy psychology. They create multiple layers for the energy to flow properly within the body and these multiple layers act as healing layers within the body eventually leading to healing of the problems.

Energy psychology is a wonderful technique and has a great scope in future and it can be used as a therapy to balance or maintain the behavior of a human being and restore the normal. The uses of this therapy are becoming much known worldwide basically through the internet sources and are used to cure the problems of mental disorders, depressions or phobias.

The most important element to make this therapy work is how to stimulate energy within the body may it be by the means of touching or tapping. However every coin has two sides so in spite of the advantages there are some disadvantages of energy psychology the major one being the slow healing process. It takes a very long time for a person to recover by his technique. However it is very beneficial and easy to follow by all age groups.

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