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Energy Psychology Definition and Introduction

Define what is Energy psychology? Energy psychology is basically the psychology that deals with the various activities like emotions, health, the behavior of a person etc. in other words energy psychology deals with that part of the body that deals with the electrical activity. The roots of energy psychology is obtained from Chinese medicine. The activities like emotions,… Read More »

Ego Psychology Definition and Introduction

Define what is Ego Psychology? The ego psychology is the study based on the id- ego- superego model of the mind. This study is developed by Sigmund’s Freud and according to him; the ego is nothing but the part of the personality which mediates the demands of the id, ego and super ego. The ego operates in both… Read More »

Ecological Psychology Definition and Introduction

Define what is Ecological Psychology? Ecological psychology was found by J.J. Gibson, who highly developed the theory of direct perception.  The ecological psychology is also known as the environmental psychology or eco psychology. Eco psychologists consider that the damage humans do to themselves and to environment stems from a religious and psychological separation from nature. Ecological psychology is a challenge… Read More »