Love Psychology


Love is Omnipresent, Love is Everlasting!

Love is immortal. Let’s talk about Psychology of Love.

History has witnessed various chapters of love and intellectuals have defined love in every possible way. Some say love is an expression which is quite evident from certain forms of art, others opine that love radiates out of social pressure while the rest contradicts that love is a thread which binds the human race. Recent studies have incorporated love with science that justifies a lot of interpretation. Recently the Presidency University in Calcutta has started a new course which teaches students about the different traits of love and what role has it been playing for centuries.

Love is a conglomeration of three ingredients – Intimacy, Passion and Commitment. Three of them in equal proportion will mould interpersonal love. Love is a human satisfaction, which can be only fulfilled if intimacy, passion and commitment are rightly met.

Intimacy is the closeness and proximity that one may experience. Passion is the lust or sexual desire that arises towards your partner and commitment is the promise of staying together through thick and thin. If any one of the three is missing, love stays incomplete and unbalanced.

Sometimes love can align towards lust if you lack the sense of intimacy and commitment. A weak amount of commitment will furnish a depleted love as the assurance for longevity is missing. Human beings are a social animal and they like to be a part of another person’s life. That is why it’s in human nature to anticipate the right blend of psychology so that they can mix with each other, and stay together should the need arise.

Let us have a look at what really happens that makes love an inevitable feeling. You can’t avoid love and you will involuntarily get attracted to someone. Some people are known to employ few tricks to attract the person they are attracted to, but it entirely depends upon that particular person.

People try to fill the void in their life and heart by seeking the requisite assistance from their partner. Love is not only confined in between these two people. It exists among every creation in this earth. So, love emanates from the desire to nourish your heart so that it is filled with satisfaction.

Interpersonal love has different layers. Love may be between familial relatives which is rich in intimacy and commitment. Friendship is devised from affluent intimacy. Human psychology receives the requisite compliment such as friendship, or relationships and that reduces mental turmoil.

Passion on the other hand is a very critical requirement and it should not be confused with only sexual content. They should be present in right amount or else it may tarnish the very definition of love. Passion drives love and helps add the right flavor.

As you can see, psychology and love are intertwined. They live in a symbiotic relationship where they complement each other. You also need to know the meaning of hatred to get a proper taste of love. Why do you think, the person you love the most, hurts you the most? They should coexist or else none will emerge as the winner.

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