Environmental Psychology Definition and Introduction

Environmental psychology

Define what is Environmental psychology ?

Environmental psychology is a field of psychology that is involved with the human beings and the surroundings. In environment psychology the environment is broadly classified into many parts dealing with normal environment, the structures around us i.e. built environment and also learning or information environment. The environment psychology deals with the measures that must be taken to improve the environment that we live in. It basically aims at the well being of the people and the environment surrounding them.

In this a model is designed which showcases the behavior between the humans and the environment. This model contains certain factors like climatic and temperature conditions. These models help in predicting that how the environment will react to the various conditions and also helps the human beings to be prepared before hand for any disaster or abnormal behavior in the environment.

Environmental psychology was first introduced by Willy Hellpach. However the demand of the subject increased at the end of the world war two when stable conditions of the environment became a necessity.

Environmental psychology can create a mind set in the people that the environment that they are living in is safe to live. An example of this can be explained by this. Supposed there is a very crowded building then environment psychology is the science that can provide measures so that the huge building with lots of people in it does not look crowded. The measures that can be used to solve this problem are:-

  • Construct large windows. These windows must be designed in such a way that they let enough light come in and also give a clear view.
  • The ceilings must be very high giving the room a spacious look.
  • The rooms must be architectured in the shape of a square because it is known that square rooms appear to be less crowded than the rectangular rooms.
  • The rooms must be lighted well.

These measures help to give the huge building a less crowded appearance. This is how environment psychology works. Environment psychology thus, helps the people to be comfortable with the surrounding that they are surrounded by.

The work of an environment psychologist is to assist and acquaint people with the aspects of the environment and how they can make the environment a better place to live in. they can help to change the environment of any place be it an office, a house or a shopping mall. They have complete knowledge of the environment and how to make use of it in different conditions.

Thus environment psychology has rapidly taken its pace and with the large number of benefits that it offers it is being implemented in a larger area now. With appropriate measures and the right person the environment will definitely become a better and a safer place to live in.

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