Paediatric Psychology

The word ‘paediatric’ is related to children. The scientific as well as the clinical researches of the psychological features of a child’s or an adolescent’s behaviours, health, injuries, illness and other factors important for an overall development of the child refers to the paediatric psychology.… Read More

Media Psychology

The art of comprehending the dynamic and the rapid change in the use of technology (in the world of media) its impact and how people react to the changing scenario that is how they grasp, elucidate, recognize and interact in this affluent world of media… Read More

Psychology Ph.D. Programs

Psychology as a subject is quite intriguing as it not only deals with the ways a man thinks, but it also helps a man read another like a book. The mind of any human is quite complex and intriguing, it works in its own mysterious… Read More

Psychology Facts

Did you know ? There are thousands of unknown psychological facts you will be stunned, astounded and overwhelmed at the same time if you come to know them. So, let us find out some of the most important and interesting ones. Cambridge University claims that… Read More

Psychology Internships

Today, psychology provides job offers of various kinds. You may conduct research, teach, or be a practitioner Internships are actually pre-professional experiences offered by the employers to the employees where a potential employee gets a job while gaining relevant practical experience along with skills required… Read More

Psychology of Men

The human brain is complex enough in itself that we all are baffled at all times, as to what it might do next. Now come to think of it, no one thinks the same, speaks the same, loves the same or even cares for the… Read More