Paediatric Psychology

paediatric psychology

The word ‘paediatric’ is related to children. The scientific as well as the clinical researches of the psychological features of a child’s or an adolescent’s behaviours, health, injuries, illness and other factors important for an overall development of the child refers to the paediatric psychology. Thus, it won’t be wrong to phrase that it is a multidisciplinary field which not only takes care of the child’s internal well-being but also it lays emphasize on the lively relationship between the child and its family.

The paediatric psychology includes the detailed study of the psychological development, various factors of environment that aid to the expansion of any kind of disorder, consequences of the children who are under some disorder or medical circumstances, treatment of these kind of circumstances and the children’s injuries and illness due to emotional and behavioural mechanisms. Along with this paediatric psychology also takes care that these children can grow proper and healthy behaviours which in turn might heal their injuries and illness, and deals with their developmental disabilities. Not only this, but it also includes educating the psychologists and the other professionals of health about the proper techniques and aspects of psychology in a paediatric condition. It also advocates the public policy which aims to promote health of children.

The paediatricians evaluate the developmental and behavioural aspects of a child and try to find out the link between these aspects and the problem that the child is facing and treat these problems of emotions and behaviours of the child by counselling. The paediatrician also manages the medical conditions and the requirements of the child which also includes the autistic disorders of a child, ADHD, genetic disabilities like Down syndrome and the problems in behaviour that result due to these disorders as well as the developmental delay of a child.

The treatment techniques of the paediatrician includes treatment and assessment of the adolescents and the children who are suffering from anxiety disorders, treatment and assessment of the adolescents and the children who have autistic disorders or Asperger, management and evaluation of the children’s gastrointestinal as well as their feeding problems, issues or problems regarding toileting, evaluation of issues that have resulted in the mind of the children due to loss of a close relative or separation from them, emotional issues of a child, management and evaluation of the problems of emotions and behaviours which associate itself with the physical illness and the medical regimens.

The paediatrician also takes care about the problems of the children who have bedwetting habits, and other habit problems, conversion disorders, chronic pain, pulmonary problems like vocal cord dysfunction, sleep disorders, and cough habits, asthma which is exercise-induced, pseudo seizures and hypnosis as well as biofeedback. The paediatric psychologist actually works in an integrated field which relates together the science and the practices where psychological principles can be applied by blending together the paediatric situation and its psychological aid.

Paediatric psychologists thus work in various fields and play various roles that help maintaining the over-all development of children.

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