Ethics in psychology

Ethics in psychology

Ethics refers to values which are very essential in every domain of life. Ethics must be respected and followed properly in every stage of life be it any profession. Similarly psychology also involves some ethics.

Psychologists are people who are involved in increasing the knowledge of people and also help the people to understand their behavior and change it accordingly as per the requirements. Thus, psychologists must not take advantage of the people coming to them. For this certain ethics have been prescribed for the psychologists. There is an ethics code in which all the rules and regulations are written and all the psychologists are expected to follow the ethics code before setting up their work.

Some of the principles to be followed by a psychology are:-

  • Responsibility:

Psychologists must establish a trustworthy relationship with its clients. They must understand their responsibility well and they must not harm the persons who are coming to them for suggestions.

  • Integrity:

A psychologist must be true and accurate in his work. He must take his work seriously and must not cheat or fraud in any case. They must be very frank with their clients and must not mislead them. They should always tell the clients about the advantages as well as the disadvantages of any problem. A psychologist should always maintain his integrity and must also keep himself away from the cases of sexual harassment also.

  • Justice:

The psychologists must give justice to their work as well to the people who come to consult him.

  • Respect people’s dignity:

A psychologist must be fair to all the clients in spite of caste religion and status.

  • Reporting ethical issues:

A psychologist other than following ethics himself must also keep a check on the other people. If any other psychologist is practicing unfair means in his profession then also it is the ethical duty of a person to report to that so that proper measures can be taken against that person.

  • Complaints:

A psychologist must look after the complaints that are being filed with him. He must not file wrong complaints which can be misused later on.

  • Service:

A psychologist must provide efficient services. He must always be ready to provide service in case of emergencies.

  • Personal problems:

As they say that the personal and professional life must be kept separate. This holds true for the psychologists as well. A psychologist must not involve his personal problems or conflicts with the components in his profession.

  • Cooperation:

They must be co operation from the psychologist’s side. He must take time and interest to understand the problem or the situation of the clients. They must always keep the matters confidential and the problems of one person must not be discussed with anyone else who can take advantage of it.

These are the various morals that are expected to be followed by every psychologist and they must give their best to abide by them.

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