Types of Psychology

psychology of a man

Psychology is nothing but the study of the individual’s mental functions and behaviours. The study of psychology is done by the individual called as psychologist; the psychologist may be social, behavioural or cognitive scientist. There are different types of psychology according to the study involved in them.

Types of Psychology

Clinical psychology:

These psychologists give treatment for people who show signs of intellectual or emotional disorders and who suffer from reactions which are uncomfortable due to the stress of day to day life.

Abnormal psychology

This branch of psychology involves the study of the individual’s abnormal behaviour and an interaction is made with the individual who is affected from the abnormal behaviour to understand about the individual in a better way. They use methods like psychopathology and clinical psychology to about the causes behind the abnormal and psychological disorders.

Cognitive Psychology:

In this psychology the study involves the study of the mental processes that state the behavioural traits. This psychology is also known as experimental psychology because it experiments about the perception, memory and attention functions.

Comparative Psychology:

In this psychology the behaviours of animals are studied. Models of animals are experimented to study about the emotion and behaviour of the animals and then they are compared to determine the behaviour of the particular animal.

Counselling psychology:

This is the study of the interpersonal relationships and this study is done after series interactions with the individual who is affected from the abnormal behaviour. The psychologist uses techniques like psychotherapy to study about the individual’s behaviour. The counselling by the psychologists helps people to take important decisions in the life.

Developmental Psychology:

This study mainly focuses on the study if science that involves the development of the human mind. All the activities are focused for a better understanding of the perception and changes. This study mostly involves the study of the age related behaviour.

Educational psychology:

This branch of psychology involves the study of the interventions and educational setting. The professional psychologist involved in the study experiments about the magnitude of the teaching and social study and this is applied within the schools and colleges. This study usually results in the adoption of the better methods of teaching and other practises in the campus. This is also known as school psychology.

Biological psychology:

The biological psychology usually investigates about the behavioural changes that happen due to the changes in the nervous system of the individual. Most of the study involves the experiments to know well about the behavioural changes. They are done to know well about the functions of the brain.

Health Psychology:

This psychology focuses on the health aspect of the individual and thus maintains the health of the individual. All the psychological aspects are taken into consideration ranging from behavioural changes, physical changes and social changes of the individual. Thus, the study of the Health psychology acts as preventive measures that helps to proceed with the treatment if there are any abnormal changes.

Personality Psychology:

This study involves the study of the individual behaviour. The behaviour differs for each and every individual and each has their own unique behaviour and the study of this is known as the personality psychology.

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