Introduction to the World of Psychology

Psychology is a world of fascination where you can find the answer to every human behavior and their actions. Psychology is in-fact a science of human mind and its reason behind why and how it reacts the way it does. Psychology originated from philosophy and biology and it can also be linked to other fields like medicine, anthropology, linguistics and sociology. Psychology aims to describe, to explain, to predict, to modify, change and improve both animal and human behavior to a long lasting and a positive one. It might sound to be a very daunting and vast topic. But, once you learn some of the basic concepts and clear all your misconceptions about the subject, psychology seems to be even more attractive and interesting.

world of psychology

Clearing up some misleading conceptions about psychology

  • One of the misconceptions about psychology is that it can be claimed to be just ‘’common sense’’. But, this fact is completely misguiding because psychologists use scientific methods like questionnaires, experiments, naturalistic observation, etc. to investigate.
  • To investigate about a particular subject, psychology looks upon it from various angles and perspectives like cognitive perspective, evolutionary perspective, biological perspective, humanistic perspective, behavioral perspective and many more, unlike ‘’common sense’’.
  • People often have an idea that a psychologist just works like a mental therapist. But, it is not so. A psychologist can work in many different settings like hospitals, colleges or Universities, K-12 schools and government offices.
  • Psychology is not just a subject, which is present only in classrooms or offices of mental health, but it exists everywhere around us. Some of the most important ones are the ads made to persuade people to buy a product, and the websites which make use of the psychology of a reader for designing.
  • Psychology is often associated by people with only abnormal behavior. But, in reality psychology deals with the diagnosis of both, the abnormal and normal behavior.
  • Psychology doesn’t limit itself just to theories, but it has both, the applied fields and also the theoretical approach.

Sub-fields of psychology

Psychology has many sub-vast subjects in itself. Psychology is branched into various branches such as cognitive, social, clinical, developmental, and personality psychology, etc. Some of the fields of psychology you can think of as your career are forensic psychology, clinical psychology, industrial and organizational psychology and health psychology.

Using psychological tools to improve one’s life

  • Introducing novel or new elements, sequencing your task and dividing it into smaller parts, and rewarding yourself for completing your job successfully will increase your motivation level.
  • Making eye-contact, noticing nonverbal signs, and using one’s voice-tone for reinforcing your message improves your communicating skills.
  • Focusing on the information, rehearsing and eliminating distractions can increase and improve your memory power.
  • Avoiding multi-tasking, focusing on the task at hand and eliminating one’s distraction can increase your productivity.
  • Exercising regularly can help you avoid depressions and other mental disorders.
  • Seasonal affecting disorder can be avoided efficiently by exposing one’s self to sunlight or even artificial lights.

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