Color Psychology

color psychology

Usually some colors attract people and some doesn’t. The color psychology involves the study of the human behavior that changes due to the change in the color. Each and every color has their own characteristics and some color will enhance the behavioral mood and some depresses the mood and it purely depends on the color and they are not same for everyone and they differs and depends upon the individual.

Certain colors will result in the increased blood pressure, increased metabolic rate and other such reactions. Each and every color has different meanings and it also differs from one place to the other. Research in the United States has found that the following to be accurate.


The Black color is found as the color of power and supremacy. Mostly people prefer wearing black color to make they appear thin. With this color people look stylish and pretty. They also imply submission to god and that’s why the priests prefers black color.


Usually the Brides are preferred to wear white and the white is a symbol of innocence and purity. Everyone prefers white color for the decorations because it is light and doesn’t affect the behavior of the people. In hospitals, the doctors and nurses wear white to imply the sterility.

Although it is a color of innocence and gives a light effect, many don’t prefer white because it loses its color very easily and it is very difficult to keep the white dress clean as it is. The white color is also worn for mourning functions to imply the peace.


This is the most intense color and loved by everyone. This color is used as a love symbol and people like to share red roses to express their love. Red clothes make people to appear heavy and it stimulates the heartbeat and breathing. There is more demand for this color in every aspect of things ranging from cars, bikes and even dresses. There are no decorations without the red color and it attracts people attention towards it.


Blue is one of the most popular colors and liked by everyone, even the sky and ocean are blue in color and it is mild. The blue color usually denotes peace and it is believed that the color produces calming chemicals in the body. Some prefer wearing blue dress while attending the interview to symbolize the loyalty.


People usually say the word evergreen to symbolize the nature. It is the color that symbolizes the nature. This color refreshes and relaxes the mood of the individual. Usually some prefer to stay in green rooms to get relaxed. In hospitals, the bed and bed sheets are usually in green color to clam the patients.


The yellow is considered as an optimistic color. Usually people like to wear the yellow color dress for the new born baby and the baby first recognizes the yellow color. It speeds up metabolic process and enhances concentration.


The purple color is the symbol of royalty and wealth. This color is rarely used and it is romantic color.

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