Psychology of Sex

Sex is one among the many desires that human mind and body crave for. Desire takes place out of quite a few aspects that could be explained psychologically as well as physiologically. It is present inside every human and is the basic cause for the very existence of human life. Desire is the key symptom of sexual vigor. Without desire continued existence is insignificant. The desire for sex by human varies largely based on the emotion and need of every individual. Human psychology largely influence on their sexual life.

Through psychological analysis it is found that sublime sexual urges can make way for an innovative and positive quest. Sometimes sexual desire can be aggressive resulting in negative approach and can harm the positive aspects of human psychology that is very much related with the act.

The sexual desire may vary from one gender to another. Sexual urges are caused due to testosterone which is usually present in a higher level in men though in some cases women may have a higher desire for sex.

As per Freudian psychology, the desire for sex by human is the root cause of human survival which is again encouraged by the want of offspring. Physically powerful libido can turn very constructive and helpful for humans.

Women and men with strong desire for sex would have an advantage from the evolutionary point of view and will successfully leave their descendants behind which is the eventual purpose ensuring the survival of the species. Thus the biological requirement for leaving behind the progeny is well connected with the Freudian justification of human’s desire for mating and sexual urge.

A sexual activity is therefore not regarding release but concerning release with an intention of the species proliferation. The Freudian psychology as well as its importance on libido is very well-matched along with the evolutionary psychology that thinks the insistent sexual force as extremely important for the endurance of the entire human clan.

According to psychoanalysis any inventive and productive need have causes for sexual desire and any innovative act could be regarded as a process of mating.

Any kind of human desire could be motivated by the creative factor of offspring through sex. All innovative urges would come under this category. The sexual need for human being is therefore related to human psychology and emotion. The very need for certifying the existence of the human breed automatically gives birth to such sexual desire. It is a productive cause motivated by the survival factor as well as men and women’s physical need.

The very subject of human bonding through a sexual act causes an emotional bonding in most of the cases where lifelong relations are concerned. Therefore, the psychology of sex is well explained as it is the very foundation for the growth and continuation of human class.

Unless there is a desire for sex, the survival factor does not work out as without a feasible sexual bonding a new life will never be created which would cause the extinction of human species.

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