Psychology Facts

Psychology facts

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There are thousands of unknown psychological facts you will be stunned, astounded and overwhelmed at the same time if you come to know them. So, let us find out some of the most important and interesting ones.

  • Cambridge University claims that ordering of letters in a word is not of much importance, what is more important is the first and the last letter should be in their place, because our brain just refers groups of letters and not every individual letters, so even if the letters are not in their correct place in a word, our mind is able to interpret the correct word easily without any trouble.

  • Researches reveals that smiling even in a bad mood, instantly leads to improvement in one’s mood because the thought of smiling itself along with the use of muscles trigger the chemicals responsible for happiness.

  • Harvard University investigations have led to the conclusion that people who get easily distracted are often the most creative ones.

  • It has been seen, on average that most of the conservative parents grow rebellious children.

  • An average person is found to tell 4 lies in a day, 1460 lies in a year, and 84600 by the time he reaches his 60s.And it has been found that the most common lie is ‘’I’m fine’’.

  • The most stunning fact that has been found is, the people who speak the least, or probably hasn’t spoken with you ever, are the ones who indeed want to.

  • There are millions of things that occur in and around us. But in reality our eyes see only things that we want to. It has been found that in a puzzle of words, the first three words that your eyes are able to see describes you most of the time.

  • Researches reveal that our brain is found to more active during the night than in the morning that is why we get thousands of efficient ways we could have done our work in the morning before we sleep.

  • However hard we try to, we are never able to remember exactly how and by which scene did our dream start with.

  • Studies reveal that a lust can survive only for a maximum of 4months, any feeling of attachment that remains after that is love.

  • Any sensitive and emotional pain that stays longer than twelve minutes is nothing but only self-infliction in itself.

  • It has been found that when someone cries in happiness the first drop of tear comes from his right eye, but when cries because he is sad, it is his left eye from which the first drop will come out from.

  • It has been found that most of the twins who are claimed to be ‘identical twins’ are not actually identical.

  • Optimists who claim to practise optimism in every field of their life, do not actually muddle through well with stress.

  • The concept of nurturing the concept that people have ‘left brain’ and ‘right brain’ is totally a misconception.

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