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health psychology

The journal of Health psychology was first published in 1996 and its managing editor is David Marks. The journal of health psychology was created and developed to research on the health psychology from the outlook of empirical, critical analysis and qualitative studies. It mainly covers on topics like clinical psychology, medical psychology, health psychology, critical health psychology, community health psychology and clinical health psychology.

Health Psychology is an intellectual journal dedicated to understanding the systematic relations between psychological factors, psychological behaviour, physical health and illness.

The main highlighting of the journal is on original research which includes integrative hypothetical review papers, treatment outcome trials, meta-analyses and brief scientific reports. Intellectual case studies, commentaries, and mail to the editor will also be considered. The papers submitted should have the significant importance in the theoretical or practical basis for the better understanding the relations between the behaviour, physical health and psychosocial factors.

What is health psychology?

Both the health and ill health are influenced by various numbers of factors. Whereas the contagious and communicable diseases, hereditary illness are common and thus there are many behavioural and psychological factors that can influence the overall physical well- being and health of the individual. The Health psychology is an area that focuses on various factors like biological factors, psychological factors, behavioural and social factors that influence the health and illness.

Thus the field of the health psychology is mainly focused on promoting the health and also helps in preventing the disease and treatment of the disease. The psychologists of this area studies about the reactions of people and people manages to recover from the illness. The health psychologists attempt to improve the health care system and also insist government’s approach to health care policy.

Illnesses interrelated to Psychological and Behavioural Factors:

Some of illnesses related to factors like psychological and behavioural factors are Stroke, heart ailments, HIV/AIDS, Birth defects, cancer, infant mortality and other infectious diseases. Research has found that many diseases are developed by the behavioural and other risk factors and which are preventable. The Health psychologists work with the affected people or individuals or groups to reduce those risk factors and thus improving the overall health of the individual or group.

The divisions of health psychology that can be seen in the journal of health psychology are:

Clinical health psychology (ClHP):

In this psychology the scientific knowledge is applied to raise the spectrum of health care. The clinical psychologist with a proper additional training can become a medical psychologist thereby educating the people about the behavioural changes and psychotherapy.

Public health psychology (PHP):

This psychology depends on the population. They attempt to improve the public health by conducting the research considering all the factors in mind.

Community health psychology (CoHP):

This psychologist investigates all the community factors that contribute the health and well-being of individuals thereby helping in combating the disease and promoting physical and mental health.

Critical health psychology (CrHP):

The critical health psychologists involve in the health care systems to develop the health policy. The International Society of Critical health Psychology is a leading organization in this field.

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