Color Psychology

Usually some colors attract people and some doesn’t. The color psychology involves the study of the human behavior that changes due to the change in the color. Each and every color has their own characteristics and some color will enhance the behavioral mood and some depresses the mood and it purely depends on the color and they are… Read More »

Psychology of Money and Success

The very word money brings to our mind different positive as well as negative feelings. A large number of people share an extremely complex kind of relation with money. It is usually seen that short-term market differences are mainly determined by the emotions and psychology of the people rather than the basics of money. The general trend among… Read More »

Psychology of Sex

Sex is one among the many desires that human mind and body crave for. Desire takes place out of quite a few aspects that could be explained psychologically as well as physiologically. It is present inside every human and is the basic cause for the very existence of human life. Desire is the key symptom of sexual vigor.… Read More »

Human Development Psychology

Over a life-time, a person’s psychology suffers with many ups and downs. The changes which occurs in a person’s mindset in the course of his/her life-time and creating a positive turn in his/her behavior is called to be human development psychology. In general, human development psychology is originally associated with children and infants. But, now many more fields… Read More »